Antique gold base with bright pinky lilac shift and a touch of green.

That's the shade of the tint all old London movies have, right? The mysterious morning mist around Thames, London undreground...


Metallic colour changing pigment of the highest quality.

It's the second shade from the right on the arm swatches.


Comes in a super practical little pot with a stopper to avoid product flying all over!


Ways to use:


  • Dab on top of a tacky base/glitter glue with a finger for sparkly effect.
  • Lightly spray your brush with setting spray and apply.
  • Mix with a mixing medium for more foiled effect.


Eye and lip safe


Cruelty Free

Made in Somerset, UK


Approximate net weight: 1g


Do NOT use on eyeballs directly (obvs). External use only. If you experience any irritation or reaction, please stop using immediately.


Collective product pictures: ThisIsKylieB

Titmouse - London - Kaleidoscopic pigment


Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide (Cl77491)